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Fred Beckhusen
@Timeka, I am not clear on what the problem is they way it is stated.  
If you need, upload the blender file to the upload link at the Free
Mesh/sculpts link at and I will look at it for you.

Let's assume you made a mesh object that is boned and weighted. You need
to export it in the Avastar plug-in with the Export->Collada (Avastar)
(dae) Option. When uploading a mesh with weights, you need to go to the
third tab and select the weight and bone options.

If it is not an weighted mesh object, or uploaded without the proper
switches, then attaching it will attach  just like any primitive. 
Detaching it will make it go away.  It should still be in your Inventory.

The "partial upload" may be caused by many reasons. Does it look correct
in the preview window in the viewer at all 4 levels of detail? If not,
select different levels of detail in the first tab so that it is visible
at all 4 levels, as otherwise it can be reduced to a single triangle on
upload.  This sounds more likely being Blender related, such as thinking
something is mesh when it is a curve, for just one example.  Mesh
objects have a gold, 3-vertex triangle in the Outliner window.  Without
having the object, it is hard to say.


> From: Timeka Cobb <[hidden email]>
> Hey all?,
> Im doing a simple presentation for a local Blender meetup group Saturday
> and was testing importing mesh into OS on my FS viewer. One issue is that
> the mesh doesn't upload fully and another is that when I do upload it
> attaches to avatar..Trying to detach and when I do that it goes
> completely away. How do I fix these issues if possible?
> ?,
> Timeka

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