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At 11:00 29/10/2013, [hidden email] wrote:

>From: Timothy Rogers <[hidden email]>
>To: [hidden email]
>Subject: Re: [Opensim-users] No maptiles with HG (0.7.6)
>         <[hidden email]>
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>Isn't there something you enable like "HGMapTiles" or something, I
>remember seeing that in one of these emails back, however I could be
>wrong. There is no documentation I can find of it on the wiki, if it
>is needed and you answer that is something it needs. I would love to
>help contribute get opensimulator better documented.

In the Diva distribution (in DivaPreferences.ini which is part of the
OpenSim.ini load process), there is a different setting for
WorldMapModule to those documented...

     WorldMapModule = "HGWorldMap"

Its in the [Startup] section whereas it should now be in [Map].

How does that fit in? is it still an o[ption for 0.7.6 onwards. What
doe sit do beyond teh satbdard module? And is this the reason some of
us do not see HG tiles when we travel?  If so it needs to be
documented in OpenSim.ini.example if its an active option in the core OpenSim?

Good to tidy up the wiki page and get it all in shape.

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