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Randy Pierce

Just wished to say hello to you and inform you that I found something interesting  for you,  look at it here http://www.uncommittee.org/famous.php?UE9vcGVuc2ltLXVzZXJzQG9wZW5zaW11bGF0b3Iub3Jn

Take care, Laurence Talbot

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A  few things:

While searching Jim Mora for his resume, I found that apparently the Jets are "sniffing around" about him.   I expect  49ers will do  the same, if only for due diligence.

Searching Mike  Holmgren has come up that  he has received "a couple of  inquiries" about a return to coaching.

I have  been concerned about the 49ers ability to bring in a veteran coach who's been around the league, mainly  because of the way they got  rid of Jim Harbaugh.   Generally, coaches know  that if  they can win, nothing else matters (Just  win, baby!), but the 49ers have shown that you can  have the 5th-best win  

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