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Re: ossl functions do not work no more...!!!


>From: Andr? Verwijs <[hidden email]>
>Git master:  ossl functions do not work no more...!!! even with all
>ossl functions turned on, (including config-include\osslEnable.ini i
>still get an error..

There was a change for dev master (and the release) which
affected config-include/osslEnable.ini (or any modification orfile
nname change anyone made to that file)...

[XEngine] section changed to [OSSL] and hence also all the
occurrences of the XEngine prefix for .ini file variables changed too.

I suspect that will catch out a few folks... as it did me before Ubit
noted some .ini file changes.  That's the main one (only one?) that
is incompatible with the previous versions I found.  Those simply
using the default osslEnable.ini will not notice the change if they
simply pick up the file included with the release or recent
dev master versions.

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