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Re: recent builded objects missing after, restarting Opensim

Fred Beckhusen
Subject: [Opensim-users] recent builded objects missing after restarting

Opensimulator saves assets to disk often, but this can be anywhere from
once a minute to as long as 10 minutes. Mysql will normally buffer data
as well, and can takes many seconds to write to disk.

There are several things you can do to help not lose data.

You can 'q' or 'quit' out of Opensim and Robust, and not just close the
DOS boxes. This flushes the data.

If runnign a Dreamgrid, the current V3.5 version is set to Quit the Dos
box on request from an estate owner instead of restarting, which is
flaky, at best. You need to set the Restart setting to "Restart on
Crash" to bring the region back up.

You can also type "backup' which will flush the data if you must force a

There is a setting in OpensimDefaults.ini and a commented-out setting in
Opensim.ini which will override OpensimDefaults that can be set to
reduce or eliminate most of these delays.

; Persistence of changed objects happens during regular sweeps. The
following control that behaviour to
; prevent frequently changing objects from heavily loading the region
data store.
; If both of these values are set to zero then persistence of all
changed objects will happen on every sweep.
; Objects will be considered for persistance in the next sweep when they
have not changed for this number of seconds
MinimumTimeBeforePersistenceConsidered = 60
; Objects will always be considered for persistance in the next sweep if
the first change occurred this number of seconds ago
MaximumTimeBeforePersistenceConsidered = 600

I also recommend that you install Mysql as a service, as Mysql will then
understand shutdown commands. In DreamGrid, there is a batch program
InstallAsAService.bat in mysql\bin.

For maximum protection against database loss, use a UPS with a USB cable
and software so the system will shut down if power fails and the
batteries get low. Mysql will be told to gracefully shut down if it is
running as a service on Windows. It is also possible to set Mysql to
ACID behavior, as I do in all DreamGrids, to make losing data less
likely. ACID essentially means write immediately and not buffer data.


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> Subject: [Opensim-users] recent builded objects missing after
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> Hi all,
> I started having problem with Opensim world after I restarted it.
> I have multiple regions. Once I restarted the opensim, objects in one of
> our recent builded region are missing. But, objects in all the other
> regions are okay.
> Now I am trying to build in all regions, it works, but when I restart the
> opensim again, they are lost. This is happening to all of my regions.
> We used to restart all the time, and did not have this kind of problem
> ever.
> I appreciate your help.
> Thanks.
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