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Region locations (Xloc, Yloc)

Tim Gildersleeve
Ive had a look and cant find anything on this, im sure ive missed something so sorry if im brining up an old topic......

Having got that out of the way, does anyone know when the Xloc,Yloc in the regions table got changed?    I am using the redux webinterface and recently noticed that the regions I had at 1001,1001  - 1005,1005 now showed up as 256256, 256256 etc.   I found this alarming to say the least.  The map wouldnt display them and I clearly hadnt put them at those areas.   On the 0.6.8 (dev) trunk I couldn't even get my 25 region Regions.ini file to load (stopped half way through with segfaults).   Just gone to the 0.6.7 release instead and it loads up, I can connect etc - everything looks ok - apart from the locations of the regions.

I would think im doing something wrong (probably still am) but he fact that it works now seems even more strange.   Has the way these Xloc, Yloc entries are stored been changed?   Some new calculation or something and my redux is out of date?   Its going to be (at the very least) hard to see where to add regions when the region list from redux puts the regions and seemingly random locations.

Hope this rambling makes some sense to someone!


Tim Gildersleeve

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