Regions link but no map is sent

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Regions link but no map is sent

William Magee
Hello, I am new to OpenSim (but already hooked). I have installed
Diva's distro on two Ubuntu 9.04 machines here in my office.

In standalone mode I link-regions but get the following message. No
map jpg is sent and I cannot teleport:

Region (root) # link-region 1002 1000
14:41:59 - >> MapName:
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: Link to, in 1002-1000
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: Linking remote region
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: Linking to
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: Successfully linked to region_uuid
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: Failed getting/storing map image, because it is
probably already in the cache
14:41:59 - [HGrid]: link region succeeded
Region (root) #

Any suggestions?

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