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Request for help: article series

Dear all,

I am starting a series of articles about virtual worlds to explain the current vw landscape for the new potential users. 
If you are a writer and would like to contribute please contact me. I plan especially the following brief explanatory articles for

(titles are suggestions only)
- Second Life - what it is and do I need to use it?
- Opensim, apache of the virtual worlds
- Why open source could be the solution for virtual world platforms?
- realXtend extends your reality
- Your avatar is waiting to get to know you
- How to get started with <add your favorite tech here>
- The next step for the Internet: 3D
- Okay, virtual worlds are cool! - but what can I do with them?

The articles should be brief and contain links to further information. 2-3 screenshots, youtube video and/or explanatory figures make the article more interesting. The articles should be sent to me within two weeks from now so that I get change to edit them and publish them before mid-August, when the plan is to have the whole set of articles written and published. 

Best regards,

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