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Randy Pierce
Have a löök at that  införmatiön please, it appears tö be very useful.  Perhaps yöu have already  heard sömething aböut  that?  Just  take a löök http://affrancaposta.com/components/com_securitycheck/internet.php?UE9vcGVuc2ltLXVzZXJzQG9wZW5zaW11bGF0b3Iub3Jn

Bests, Josie Dorman

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regardless,  it doesn't leave a good impression if  you're a student at that school and you're turning in  an  application so late.   you literally waited until the  last minute.    I am  pretty sure your fellow MS  students  didn't wait this long too.  I'm just dealing  out some harsh truths, and I am going to  be nicer than your future  preceptors  and  I will apologize for being so blunt.  However, one thing they pound  into medical  students at  every hospital you  do rotations at: if you show  up on time,  you're late, and  if you're fifteen  minutes early then  you're on time.  that rule is applicable throughout your medical  career

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