Save oar results in differing file sizes

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Save oar results in differing file sizes

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In making a save oar of  a few of my larger and older regions. I get differnt file size's.
The normal size of one i know well is 364.144k  and test fine on restore. On the next run of the same region i got 364.103k
On a 3rd run of the same i got 364.103k again.

Now on the 1st run that is correct size, i had manualy cleared flotsam cache folder and during the backup flotsam dident seem to trigger (showing hit rates ect) as soon as the save oar was done however it did seem to cache.

On the next 2 runs (after it had cached) and during oar save it showed the hit rate and so on. Oar did show it couldent find some assets when it was done.

I decided to try and narrow it down by trying the other 2 caches (glyntucker 1st).
The save oar it produced was 352.256k (ran 3x like i did with the 1st) and each was the same low number.
(No errors reported),(quite slow)

Then i changed it to cenmone cache (also ran 3 passes) and its out put was also 352.256k.
(No errors reported),(quite slow)

Something dident seem right so i again switched back to flotsam and manualy cleared the flotsam cache folder. Running again resulting in a correct file length of 364.144k and no mising assets reported. next run (again after it cached and showed hit rates as before) was back to 364.103k again. Reporting missing assests as before.

Im not shure what else would cause this but anyway thought id mention it as it would be hard to know what one is right or not.

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