Setting up a currency in OpenSim

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Setting up a currency in OpenSim

EGBainbridge/Apollo Manga
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I'm setting up a small commercial grid for a client and need to create a currency, but haven't found enough information to make an informed decision.  I'm wondering what experience and recommendations others here have?

I've done a lot of research on it and Podex looks most promising, but when I emailed them, I received a reply that simply said it's easy but nothing more.  I'm uneasy dealing with a company that has absolutely no technical or help information on its website, but its functionality does look the most promising.  

We need to be able to rent land and islands to residents, our residents need to be able to buy and sell inventory, and I'd like merchants to be able to convert the virtual currency to RL currency.

I'll appreciate any advice!

Apollo Manga (Erik Gordon Bainbridge)
Writer, instructor, former software engineer
Northern California