Slow handling of POST on login; Really slow login times?

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Slow handling of POST on login; Really slow login times?

Chris M
Hello all ,

I am having an issue with very slow logins with OS v0.9.0 running under
Grid (No HG) Mode. Logins can take upwards of a couple minutes to
complete and result in the viewer hanging  at the progress bar screen
until it finishes. It also results in logging in the console of lines
similar to "[LOGHTTP]: Slow handling of 320 POST /   from took 91703ms" where as can be seen by the time
indicated took about a minute and a half to complete the login in that case.

The times for login completion seem to vary wildly with no apparent
rhyme or reason to it; Sometimes it can take 20 seconds to finish,
sometimes only 10, but frequently other times will take up to 2 minutes
or longer... I have even had cases of viewer time out because the login
didn't finish in a timely manner. The logins do usually eventually
complete and things work as normal once in world; it's just really slow
to do so most times.

The issue is pretty consistent and I see these slow logins no matter if
the login is done local to the network OpenSim is running on or outside
the network from WAN. It also seems to happen whether I have many
OpenSim and many regions running or just one OpenSim instance with one
region (Completely blank region, no scripts); That is to say, the login
times do not appear to improve with fewer sims and regions running.
There's plenty of free memory available to the simulators and CPU is
near 0% use.

I have also tried on a fresh brand new database to no avail.

I don't see this issue on similarly configured v0.8.x installs; logins
times are consistently between near instant to maybe a couple seconds to
complete depending on how busy the services are.

All services for my grid set up are all on the same system (MySQL,
ROBUST, and all OpenSim instances are on same computer)

System Specs For OpenSim: AMD Quad Core CPU @ 3.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM,
Windows 7 x64 on .NET, ubODE, Grid Mode (Non HyperGrid)

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

Log Excerpt:

06:42:55 - [LOGIN RESPONSE]: LLLoginResponse create. sizeX=256, sizeY=256
06:42:55 - [LLOGIN SERVICE]: All clear. Sending login response to Test User
06:42:55 - [LOGIN RESPONSE]: returning sizeX=256, sizeY=256
06:42:55 - [LOGHTTP]: Slow handling of 320 POST /   from took 91703ms

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