Some useful resources for OpenSim content developers

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Some useful resources for OpenSim content developers

While looking for animation related stuff for another email, I ran across a wealth of resources out there!

I have just added these to the Wiki -

Some useful resources of free material:

A great summary sheet: [3DCG for the hobbyist -- useful products and links]

A hobbyist animators blog with all kinds of goodies: [cgspeed]

A source for free animations, 3d models, textures, etc.: [ShareCG]

A huge 3d graphics source: [Renderosity]

A 3d Artists community: [3dcommune]

Runtime DNA: [ Free Downloads]

Adult oriented content: [RaunchyMinds Freebies Download]

This is not an exhaustive list, please add to it if you can!

I have tried to include sites which have free Poser/Opensim compatible content which could be used for "personal use" in your own "world". You must check the licensing for any commercial uses.

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