Something odd in wiki page osTeleportOwner

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Something odd in wiki page osTeleportOwner

Ethan Gardener
It's this page:

There's 3 function prototypes, and a paragraph which refers to the three of them.  I think the paragraph gets the first two mixed up.  Surely you can't have a hypergrid teleport without a string to give the domain name and port of the target, right?

void osTeleportOwner(integer regionX, integer regionY, vector position, vector lookat)
void osTeleportOwner(string regionName, vector position, vector lookat)
void osTeleportOwner(vector position, vector lookat)

Teleports the owner of the object containing the script to the specified location. The first variant is able to teleport to any addressable region, including hypergrid destinations. The second variant teleports to a region in the local grid; the region coordinates are specified as region cells (not as global coordinates based on meters). The third variant teleports within the current region.
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