Terrain cmd not recognized on specific regions?

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Terrain cmd not recognized on specific regions?

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When I first started to play with OpenSim (early 2008) I had encounter a stability problem with the terrain command. In creating a region local grid just like a tic-tac-toe grid, the terrain command would stop to be recognized for certain regions or simply stop at all.

Well with the latest revision I fetched (r9110), this issue is still there as if nothing had changed.

Why is this problem not fixed ?

Has anyone reported it before ?

I see in the bug tracking list a few terrain related but I have no idea if one of them match this problem.

I have not done any terraforming with any files. I have simply created 4 regions from the opensim prompt and when I wanted to do a terrain fill 21, only the first 3 regions worked. After that, the command simply is not recognized as a valid command when I try to use it on my 4th region. There are no objects at all anywhere. I just started trying to create the regions for my project.

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