The persistence of memory of estates

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The persistence of memory of estates

Brent Seidel-3
I can select land, subdivide, and change the land settings for that  
subdivision.  However, when I restart my simulator, those settings  
are gone.

I'm currently running 3x3 standalone on CentOS 5.2 using NHibernate  
and PostgreSQL as the database.

Things I've noticed
1. The estate related tables in the database are not populated.
2. When I enabled the DataSnapshot module, I don't get any estate  
related data (I do get region and object data, so it seems to be  

I'm currently running SVN r9755, but have noticed this on earlier  

Now that I've got the basics up and running, I'm trying to activate  
additional features and update the wiki instructions as needed.

If anyone can give me some pointers to get estate settings to  
persist, I'd appreciate it.


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