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Hello everyone, 

I'm known as Doeko Cassidy in Second Life and used to run SLNN (Second Life News Network) which is no longer around and I own Crystal Islands, a mid-sized estate there. In RL I'm known as Jules Vos and I study at the New Business School in Amsterdam. 

I'm currently working as the founder at, one of the early real startups based on realXtend/Opensim technology. We were featured at The Next Web Rising Sun Startup Rally last friday, had a booth and got to present our message to a large audience. Our idea and business concept are already starting to show some traction in the real world. 

We have brought a stable and running modrex region online and I'd like to invite all of you to come and test things out, so that we can identify the bugs and get these reports to the REX team. Please go here for more info: 

The goals of Visibuild are: 
1) Create a stable and scalable hosting environment for modrex (partially accomplished) 
2) Contribute one or multiple devs to the development of modrex and rex-NG 
3) Develop additional tools that will make modrex and rex-NG more usable for architectural applications 
4) Identify related use cases for this software and promote the use of modrex/Visibuild in these cases (partially accomplished) 
5) Secure more funding through revenue and/or grants to make all this happen 

We are currently working on communicating the value of this platform to the architectural community. We also have some ties with foundations that fund the open-source movement. Ideally, they would provide a portion of the funding, however there are currently no developers (C++/C# & OGRE3d) officially affiliated with Visibuild. This must be accomplished first to secure funding. Therefore, I'd like to ask unaffiliated devs who are involved currently with developing modrex or rex-NG and are interested in the concept of Visibuild to contact me. It may be possible to secure funding for the project this way. 

I'm very interested in hearing your feedback on Visibuild and what we aim to accomplish. Feel free to follow @visibuild on twitter as well! 


Jules Vos

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