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Voice as input output mechanism

Ale Fernandez
Hi Opensim users,

I just joined this list, having just set up a standalone on a friend's server, partly as a way of testing an SL island which needs to go into opensim in a bit.

It's at http://lokir.org:9000 if anyone wants to come and visit, we've got a test user (Test User, password test), and I think we just managed to get captchas working on the WIredux interface that I hacked to omit region info...

I've had loads of meddling with opensim (like the above) since I did that so opted to make that step and join the list :)

But also I've been thinking a lot about how complex it all looks. One benefit of an opensim is that children can finally get on it, and although they love making avatars, there are far too many buttons, and once they pass the point of making them, they want to chat, or socialise (probably due to what they learn in their flash based children's VWs), and the barriers are a bit high.

So I thought it might be a good addition to have text to speech on one end, so that you can convert chat text to voice, and also convert their talking into text, and send it as chat to the server.

I looked this up and found there's a C# library that does tts and includes lots of voices in different languages, but how would this be best implemented, and has it already been tried in other worlds?

I'm not talking about voice as implemented so far, but just as a substitute for regular chat or for some basic commands, so as to do away with some of the boxes and buttons and make it really simple, whilst not increasing bandwidth needs.

What do you think? Can be done? Useless?



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