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Jawa Lunk
I have the 2wire 2701HG-B, which I've read does work with OpenSim set up.
But from the sounds of your reply, I guess my question should now be..."How" do I set up my 2wire?
Everything I've read online points to the loopback issue...

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> Greetings...
> I installed OpenSim on my Ubuntu server on my home network, and my
> friend can log in to it from his house, but I'm on the same network
> and can't log into it LOL
> I get the "waiting for region handshake" and then it times out.
> I looked online but couldn't find the answer or work-around to this.
> Can someone help?
> Thanks!!
> _______________________________________________

Ok, Only asking because this happened to me in the past until I bought a
decent router.  Are you using a router, and does it have loop back
capability?  I was using a Belkin router, and without loop back my
friend could log in, but like you waited forever for region handshake. 
Then I bought a new D-Link Gamer Lounge with Turbo Boost.  If you get
that router, be sure to turn off that feature.  I am sharing my net with
my wife.  The router gets confused as to who is on playing a game and
looses track of who should be getting the best bandwidth and messes
things up.  But off and everything work beautifully.

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