Web Services and Multiple Grids

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Web Services and Multiple Grids

So I'm looking at adapting some web-services I created for Second Life so that I can use them with Open Sim grids as well.

Now, when I originally created these the only grids I had to keep track of were the test/production grids of Second Life which I did via the shard header sent by llHTTPRequest(), and to verify that the requests were being sent by legitimate servers I could do a reverse lookup on the sender's IP to see if it was an actual Second Life server.

Obviously this won't be possible with open-simulators, but I'm wondering; if I ensure that valid objects send some kind of grid details (which I need to separate them from other grids anyway), is it possible to verify whether an IP address belongs to that grid? i.e- is there anywhere I can call-back to in order to ask a grid whether an IP is address is currently hosting region(s) within it (and better yet, find out which ones)?

While this is hardly definitive, it would at least allow me to prove that an object comes from the grid that it claims to.

Has anyone else investigated anything like this? Any advice on best practice when providing a web-service for llHTTPRequest() such that it can cope easily with multiple grids?
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