When in HG doubt, set your home location

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When in HG doubt, set your home location

Frank W Sweet
This is in case it helps anyone else in the same predicament.

I scratched my head all morning because my wife's avatar lost the
ability to bring up her inventory list, or to give, take, or rez items
after a hypergrid teleport. I finally looked into our DB. I found that
her home region was somehow set to some alien UUID. She re-set her
home region and everything worked correctly again.

It has been said before about HG TP, but it is worth saying again:
"Make sure that your home region is set correctly!"

Frank W Sweet

P.S. I probably filled up Diva's log at ucigrid02.nacs.uci.edu:9000
with avatars coming and going as I tried to isolate the problem. Sorry
about that.

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