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Wings of Hope - Opensim article

Ai Austin

>From: Margie Baxley <[hidden email]>
>Hello, I publish a Real Life Magazine, called Wings of Hope, and we cover
>technology articles, as well as other family and christian topics.  Anyhow,
>I'd like to put in an article about Opensim, but this is all new to me, so
>if there is anyone out there that would like to be published in a magazine,
>please let me know.  It would need to be at least 450 words.  Our website is
>  Thank you.

Hi Margie.  You are welcome to use images from our Opensim deployment
and information from our web.

We are virtual worlds (and earlier MUD/MOO) users for some 25 years,
Second Life for three years with the Virtual University of Edinburgh
(Vue) and now seriously moving into Opensim, which rocks.  Join us on
the Hypergrid - which is, well... just totally Hyper :-) 

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