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XML-RPC Working :)

Hi everyone

Just to say thanks for all the help and guidance (especially from
BlueWall Slade) that has enabled me to get XML-RPC working
successfully with OpenSim 0.6.7

The solution is outlined below.

Best wishes


1) Enable the following parameters in OpenSim.ini

remoteDataPort = 20800

XmlRpcRouterModule = "XmlRpcRouterModule"
XmlRpcPort = 20800

2) Install PEAR on the Webserver running the PHP code and use PEAR to
install XML_RPC2

3) Use the following PHP script:



        $conn=@mysql_connect("localhost", "yyyyyyyy", "xxxxxxxx")
                                        or die("Err:Conn");

        $rs=@mysql_select_db("sl", $conn)
                                        or die("Err:Db");

        $sql="select * from key_table where region = '$region'";


        while( $row = mysql_fetch_array($rs) )

         if ($action == 'delete')
                $sql1="delete from key_table where lslkey = '$channel'";


        // Create the client with the target uri
        $client =


        // an array with the data for our call to the channel in the simulator
        $llPacket = array(
                'Channel' => $channel,
                'IntValue' => $intval,
                'StringValue' => $action);

        // call the rpc to get a response
        $xresponse = $client->llRemoteData($llPacket);

        // print the contents of the array in the browser window;
        print_r ($xresponse);
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