XmlRpcGroups update, refactoring and naming changes.

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XmlRpcGroups update, refactoring and naming changes.

Michael Cortez-3
The Groups module that I maintain is going through refactoring at the
moment.  As of rca5da5face97 (8:13 Pacifc this morning 08/07/2009) you
will want to double check your [Groups] config settings as the names
of some of the groups variables and their valid values have changed.
No data will be lost, but the groups module will fail to load unless
you update your OpenSim.ini settings.

Please see the updated OpenSim.ini.example file for the details of the
new naming.

My development process and changed over to git, and my public
repository is now at http://github.com/mcortez/opensim/tree/master  --
any bleeding edge groups work will be there first in one or more
branches.  The groups-core-contrib branch will contain changes
scheduled to be, or already submitted to opensimulator.org for
inclusion in the core repo.

Michael Cortez
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