a look at 'web 3.0': semantic web and/or virtual worlds?

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a look at 'web 3.0': semantic web and/or virtual worlds?

Toni Alatalo

I'm giving a lecture on next Tuesday at the university of Oulu to
students about some views to the development of the web, and am covering
both the semantic web and 'the 3d web' i.e. virtual worlds there. To
prepare that wrote an article, which includes a brief quite technically
focused overview of the current web and those more recent developments,
and then some pondering about their possible interplay. A motivation is
that I haven't seen those two areas discussed together much yet. The
current draft is and will grow at
http://www.playsign.fi/web3/Introduction -- any comments or hints would
be very welcome! (as emails or comments on the wiki page)

A special feat for opensim&realxtend users and developers: included is a
wild idea of how we could start 'eating or own dogfood' more,  using
virtual worlds for the development -- direct link to that part is

I've had the idea that that 'web3' wiki could serve as a place to gather
info about such devs in the future too, this article and lecture being a
starting point. Am happy to migrate to some existing place though if
there already is one. Especially with the semantic web am quite
uninformed about the current devs as haven't worked with it at all
during the past few years.

Thank you for your time, if that seemed worth spending any for someone :)

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