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critical issue mantis 3247

Sacha Magne
Dear Fellows Osimer,

Since the new stable relese (6.3), I'm not able to start opensim.exe with cron or any other tools like monit.
Something is definitivly broken or altered.
We found with _MW the "problem" appears with the new console system.

According discution on the chat and on osgrid forum, i'm not the only one to have this behaviour.

Maybe something is missing in the environment but i can't find anything different between the script running from bash and the same running from monit or cron;

All the info i got :
it works fine under bash
Crash when started from cron;initrc;monit
option like background true/false and/or gui=true/false won't change anything

It crash when the simulator is lucnh from a sub-shell / process.

Any help will be gladly appreciated !

Just be cause it's Kool

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