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files you should not override

Diva Canto
This keeps coming back over and over again, so I thought I'd send this

When upgrading your installation of OpenSim to newer releases, there are
certain files that your update script, if you have one, should NEVER
override. If you don't have an update script, and you copy your configs
by hand, or have your configs in some other form than that which comes
in the main distro, also please make note of these special files.


Do NEVER override these files with old ones.
If you're keeping your own configs in some other form, make sure that
you always check if the new release has new content on these files that
you need to copy to your config.

The general rule here for configuration files (.xml and .ini) is that if
the files come out from git/svn as .example you can make a copy, change
as you wish, and carry around -- they are "user configuration" files.
If, however, they are not .example that means that you have no business
carrying them around to new releases, they are "system configuration"
files. Be very careful with system configuration files.
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