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At 01:24 29/05/2015, [hidden email] wrote:

>From: Luisillo Contepomi <[hidden email]>
>Hello Ai,
>I see all in var region 1024x1024 Terrain and objects Dev 8d66284
>I am in 0.0.100 I can see 1024,1024,20 from mouse look and using
>camera for go near with my view.
>Login directly in position 0.0.100 with Firestorm 4.7.1 (45325) Apr 30 2015
>Setup  Disable camera constraints  in viewer advanced menu. And
>preferences firestorm extras unmark "enable progresive draw distance
>Review viewer configuration,

Good advice Luisillo... I did review my viewer settings.  For
Firestorm 4.7.1, I do have camera constraints disabled, and I have
the default setting for  Firestorm -> Extras -> "enable progressive
draw distance stepping" which is unticked.

You see 1024x1024 as that is the region size you are on.  Normal
region users I think see just 256m which can be shorter than the
viewer set max draw distance, and the terrain that shows is from the
AVATAR position, not where the camera/viewer is placed as it should be.

The problem seems to be the commits db5a42 (2014-03-17) and 22dade
(2014-03-21) by Robert Adams which changed the algorithm to use
distance from avatar for terrain loading.  And commit c26f01
(2014-02-19) also by Robert which did a temp fix that may still be in use?

This can be corrected (for non-varregion users) if OpenSim.ini [Terrain] has

I have added notes on this at

and I have suggested to Robert that the default might be better set
to false until the code works properly from the viewer distance
rather than distance from avatar.

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