modified value in OpenSim.ini because my avatar is little (Ferd Frederix)

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modified value in OpenSim.ini because my avatar is little (Ferd Frederix)

Fred Beckhusen
Those adjustments could be fun to play with to fix giants, due to the
limits on Z height offsets in the viewer.

You can adjust avatar heights by either loading them twice, or make a
custom shape.

If you are loading a mesh avatar and your feet become collapsed, or you
float above the ground, you will need to fix it by changing the offset
and re-upload it. This can happen when you switch virtual worlds.  What
I do is to reload the avatar with a zero (0.00) offset. Wear it, and you
will be floating in air if a tiny.  Your feet may be scrunched and legs
bent if a giant.

Now rez a prim and set it to "Phantom" so that you can stand inside it.
Place it under you. Make the prim the correct height, to where it just
touches the feet. If your feet are collapsed, then reload it with a 1
meter offset or more until the feet are above ground. Now get the Z axis
height of the prim from the editor. Reload the avatar once again, and
set the Z offset to that number, with a negative sign.  If you added a
meter, remember to account for it.

A sample image is here

You can also edit the Avatar appearance.  Go into Edit Appearance, edit
the shape (or make a new one) and scroll down to the bottom to Avatar
Offset. Once my feet are adjusted, I take off the mesh and re-wear it as
a double-check.   Some viewers do not properly put this into effect
until I relog.  The disadvantage to this is there has to be a special
shape worn.  The advantage is that it works on any avatar.

Ferd Frederix/Fred Beckhusen

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