physics anomalies post 10/19/2009

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physics anomalies post 10/19/2009

Paul Fishwick
I am having some major issues with the physics with all opensim versions
after 10/19/2009..
and continue to use that version. I documented the problems in a video
(the last frame in the
video details the problems, while the video itself shows the same
behaviors for Second Life
(as a baseline comparison) and 2 opensim versions dated 10/19 (where the
physics behaviors
were quite reasonable) and 10/29 (and hence) where there are key problems.

I am using the standard opensim configuration w/ ODE and the
av_capsule_tilted set to
false, on a 64 bit Ubuntu system (9.04).

Here is the video:

I filed a mantis report a week ago, but in this email, my main question
is whether other users are
experiencing similar problems, and whether this is a 64 bit server issue
only [again, 64-bit
opensim dated 10/19 was relatively physics-problem-free].

The git log shows that there were changes to physics in the week after
10/19 so it seems that
this could be the reason for the odd behaviors.


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